Why I Love Captain America Civil War (Civil War Review)

Captain America Civil War was a film made in 2016 that was directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, and is probably one of the greatest marvel movies ever made.

I had always thought that Civil War was more like Avengers 2.5, but after watching it a year ago or so, my opinion was completely changed. This movie’s opening serves as the ultimate reminder that this is CAPTAIN AMERICA’s movie. While Captain America Winter Soldier ends with Bucky’s mind no longer being under the complete control of Hydra, Civil War starts with the exact procedure that made Bucky evil in the first place.

Then the movie perfectly balances the Avengers into the movie, where it’s revealed Iron Man is no longer able to be with the woman he loves because he needs to be iron man

AND THAT’S what this movie gets right. It shows the complete struggle that Cap and Iron Man go through.

Iron Man in this movie is more 3 dimensional than any of the other movies he’s been in since 2008. After 8 years of Iron Man movies, the best depiction of his character is in a CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE.

In Iron Man 3, Tony gave up being Iron Man, but then in the very next movie, Avengers 2, he’s seen being Iron Man again. Like nothing happened. And had the avengers movies continued to be directed by Joss Whedon, it may have never been brought up again. But Joe and Anthony Russo’s movies are driven by the characters, and that’s seen best in Civil War.

The directors were forced to introduce extra characters to the movie because that’s what Kevin Feige needed to set up the upcoming films. But instead of cramming in a bunch of extra characters with lackluster dragged out introductions that takes up the screen time that could be used on the main characters (like josstice league). This film gives us brief, concise introductions of these characters, and allows aspects of their character to be displayed throughout the events of the movie.

Like Black Panther, Brief introduction, he’s the Wakandan kings son.

But over the course of the movie, you see him lose someone he loves and join team Iron Man to fight Cap and Bucky. This is actually one of the main idead of the movie, I think. The heroes, indirectly or directly, create messes that create villains. Both Zemo and Black Panther’s character are individuals who are driven by them losing someone because of the Avengers.

But the main theme of the story is revenge. Baron Zemo wanted revenge for his family that was killed by the main heroes inability to save them. Iron Man wanted revenge for his parents who were killed by bucky. Black Panther wanted revenge for his father that he believed was killed by bucky. Iron Man was nearly killed, Zemo was arrested, but Black Panther faced no consequences, because he was the only one who came to his senses.

My favorite scene in this movie is actually the final fight with Steve and Tony. It felt so personal, so emotionally powerful too. Despite all the characters, like Spider-man and Ant Man, that were in this movie, the greatest part of the movie only needed 3 people.

This fight has no winner, because regardless of who wins, there is no villain to be vanquished, only the earth’s protectors can be lost in this fight. The suspense builds as Captain America gets the upper hand and starts punching at Iron Man with his bare hands, and when he lifts up the shield, despite all the pain that has been caused to him and his friends, he knows he can’t kill Tony. Despite everything, in his moment of highest power, he doesn’t kill the person who was threatening his only link to the his old life. But as he lands the final blow into the Iron Man’s arc reactor, the tragic Captain America Theme Fades in, seemingly overpowering all sound in the scene.

But when Captain America drops the shield at the end, is when the audience comes realizes that Zemo actually won. He destroyed the avengers. And this shocking realization is hammered home when you see Zemo is in jail, smiling.

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