Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Review

Earth’s mightiest heroes is yet again another example of a great marvel show ruined by Disney.

Just like Spectacular Spider-Man, Earth’s mightiest heroes was a superhero cartoon made back in the late 2000’s that takes some inspiration from their movie counterpart.

But unlike Spec Spidey, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes or EMH, was a cartoon that seems to build off of the live action movies. Like, Tony Stark in this show is exactly like Tony Stark from the Iron Man movies. You can tell that the writers definitely used Robert Downey Jr.’s take on the character, as seen by Iron Man’s sense of humor in this show that isn’t really present in the comics. Iron Man’s voice in this show also sound alot like RDJ, so I can kinda see where the voice actor got his inspiration from as well. And just like The Incredible Hulk, the Hulk in this show is running away from the government and Bruce Banner is trying to tame the Hulk to do good.

Since this show was made in 2010, the stories for Thor, Captain America and the rest of the avengers is mostly based off of the comics. Having read the first dozen or so issues of the original 1960’s Avengers, I can tell you that this show is a very good reinterpretation of the characters. It manages to balance being accurate to the source material while not being as corny as the original comics, which must have been very difficult to do.

Unlike the movies, the Avengers in this show weren’t a plan from shield. Just like in the comics, the avengers form because of a villain so strong that the main heroes all had to go stop him, leading to them teaming up and ultimately becoming the Avengers.

The characters in this show are all very consistent, with my favorite being Black Panther. In this show there is no Shuri, so black panther’s technology is all made and understood by him, making him one of the smartest characters on the Avengers. I also liked that Hulk got his own character development, and there was a legitimate reason as to why he was always hulk, unlike the Avengers Assemble Show.

Speaking of Avengers Assemble, EMH ended up getting cancelled after only two seasons, all because Disney wanted characters reminiscent of the 2012 Avengers movie,

Similar to Spectacular Spider-Man, EMH was beloved among all comic and movie fans, making it a real shame that it was cancelled. Fortunately, unlike Spec Spidey the reboot cartoon for EMH wasn’t as bad or as hated as Ultimate Spider-Man was. Avengers Assemble, the predecessor to EMH, doesn’t necessarily get to much flack, but having watched some of it myself, I wasn’t very impressed. But if you want a review on Avengers Assemble, let me know in the comments.

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