Justice League (2017) Review

But due to the loss of a close family member, Zach Snyder had to step away.

Leaving Joss Whedon alone to direct the film.

Whedon crumbled and fell to the studio mandates and we were left with an incomplete film.

While incomplete, it still isn’t horrible though…

Spider-Man Homecoming Review

In 2016, we got our third on screen rendition Spider-Man. Considering that there had already been 2 before him within just the last decade, there was a lot of ground already covered. So when it came time for this new Spider-Man’s solo film, was it able to set up something new and original?

Iron Man 2 Review

How do you make a great superhero film even better? By adding more suits, more action, and more character development. And that’s exactly what Iron Man 2 attempted to do. But did it succeed? Was the film able to balance all of these elements, or did it ultimately suffer from trying to do too much in just two hours?

Iron Man 3 Review

when Iron Man 2 came out, fans were left disappointed. So when it came time for the 3rd movie to cap off what should have been a legendary trilogy, Marvel had to work extremely hard to make sure Iron Man 3 Delivered.

But did it?