I LOVED Batman v Superman

I used to think Batman v Superman was overly dark and the Martha scene was tacky. I used to constantly talk about how much better Civil War is.

And I’m still right about the last part, Civil War IS better.

But not that much better.

After revisiting a year or two ago, I fell IN LOVE with the Zack Snyder Superhero films, especially with Batfleck. So here’s my review on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

At its core, Batman v Superman explores themes of power, justice, and morality. The film presents two of the most iconic superheroes in history in opposition to one another, forcing viewers to question the morality of each character and to consider how they view power and authority.

One of the central themes of the film is the question of whether or not Superman is just. His incredible powers make him almost godlike, and many people view him as a symbol of hope and justice. However, others question his motives and fear his immense power. Batman, for example, sees Superman as a potential threat who must be stopped before he does something irreversible.

In addition to this, the film explores issues related to power and responsibility. Both Batman and Superman are incredibly powerful, but they must decide how to use that power for good. Batman struggles with the knowledge that he has not always been a force for good, and he must question his own moral code as he decides whether or not to take on Superman.

Throughout the film, we see Batman grappling with his own moral code and ethical beliefs. He has always been a vigilante who takes justice into his own hands, but he’s changed.

He is now a killing, venge filled machine, and at the beginning of the film we see him BRAND a thug like a cow, setting the thug up for murder.

It begs the question of whether his methods are effective or ethical. This is particularly apparent in his dealings with Superman.

Batman sees Superman as a symbol of unchecked power, and his fear of what Superman could do leads him to consider taking extreme measures to stop him. However, as the film progresses, we see Batman begin to question his own motives and beliefs.

In the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the “Martha” scene marks a significant shift in the character development of Batman. The revelation that Superman’s mother shares the same name as Batman’s late mother, Martha Wayne, causes a profound emotional reaction in Batman.

It forces him to confront the common humanity that exists between him and Superman.

He realizes he’s not killing an overpowered god.

He’s just killing a PERSON. With a MOTHER, and family.

His intense hatred for the Man of Steel fades away. The scene highlights the transformative power of empathy, suggesting that even in the midst of intense conflict, moments of shared humanity can emerge.

By seeing Superman as a human being, rather than just a threat to be neutralized, Batman is able to adopt a more forgiving and compassionate stance. Ultimately, it is the realization of the two heroes’ shared humanity that allows them to work together to defeat a common enemy, and which sets the foundation for the formation of the Justice League.

Ultimately, Batman realizes that he must balance his desire for justice with a sense of empathy and compassion. He decides to work with Superman, rather than against him, to fight for justice and protect innocent people.

Superman also goes through change.

.In Man of Steel, he is often depicted as a more traditional, hopeful superhero who is trying to do what is right.

However, in Batman v Superman, we see Superman struggling with his own moral code and the weight of the power that he has been granted. He is haunted by the destruction that he caused in Man of Steel, and many people view him as a threat rather than a hero.

Superman’s struggles with his own power and morality come to a head when he is accused by the public and the government of being a dangerous alien who cannot be trusted. This causes him to question his place in the world and the extent to which he should use his power. The conflict between Batman and Superman also puts him in an impossible position, forcing him to choose between his loyalty to humanity and his loyalty to his own kind. These challenges force Superman to reexamine his own values and decide what kind of hero he wants to be. In the end, it is his unwavering dedication to doing what is right that allows him to ultimately prove his worth as a hero to the world. He dies saving a world that feared and hated him. Despite constant scrutiny and accusations from the media, he died to protect the world from their own creations.

But let me know what you thought about BvS’s characters down in the comments or on the Fan Area Forums Page.

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