Iron Man 3 Review

The original Iron Man movie kickstarted the greatest and most successful cinematic universe of all time. With such a great film, the bar had been set EXTREMELY high for any potential predecessors. But when Iron Man 2 came out, fans were left disappointed. So when it came time for the 3rd movie to cap off what should have been a legendary trilogy, Marvel had to work extremely hard to make sure they delivered.

But did it?

Iron Man 3 has it’s issues. I didn’t really like Aldrich Killian. The mandarin twist wasn’t worth nerfing the character over.


Iron Man 3’s suit up scenes are some of the best in the MCU, and unlike in Iron Man 2, you get a bunch of them.

The Iron Patriot is such a dope suit, and the final battle is one of the coolest final battles in the MCU.

In fact, pretty much every fight scene in this movie delivers, all the action feels well thought out. The extremis idea is really cool and I feel like it’s really well explored

But it isn’t just cool or epic, the theme is really good too.

Tony is always funny and confident, that’s how he always acts. But deep inside he feels SCARED.

He flew a rocket into space, nearly dying for the second time. And he realizes that the only way to keep him and everything around himself safe is IRON MAN. He makes all these suits to cope with the fear, hoping that they’ll be enough to keep himself the next time he gets attacked.

But then he DOES get attacked, and the suits aren’t there when he needs them.

THATS when he finally learns how to keep himself without the suit, having to fend for himself for half the movie without it.

Fast forward to Spider-Man Homecoming, and you finally realize what Tony meant by “If you’re nothing without the suit then you shouldn’t have it”

It makes sense he would say that after NEARLY DYING once again when he didn’t have it. But since he was able to use his wits and intelligence to escape harsh situations, he feels no empathy for someone like Peter relying on the suit.

All in all, I quite enjoyed Iron Man 3 for it’s character exploration and cool scenes. But let me know what Ya’ll thought about it in the comments, was it trash or cash? Or, you can head over to my fan page forums and get the convo started.

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