The Batman/Bruce Wayne(Brickverse616)

“Fear is a tool. When that light hits the sky. It’s not just a call. It’s a warning.” ―Batman’s journal entry

[The Batman is the vigilante alias of billionaire Bruce Wayne. After witnessing his parents’ brutal murder, he waged war against crime in Gotham City. During his second year, Batman would become involved in investigations into the Riddler, a serial killer targeting the city’s elite, and a city-wide conspiracy involving his own parents.

During this investigation, he tracks down the Penguin to interrogate him, only for his interrogation to be cut short by Spider-Man, who bothers and annoys batman, distracting batman for enough time, leading the penguin escaping. After a brief scuffle, the batman vows to beat spider-man, suspecting that he is helping the riddler. After extensive research, he finds that Spider-Man isn’t tied to the riddler, but is merely a pest in his way, making batman more annoyed. Later, Spider-Man breaks into his base, facing a prepared Batman who is angry and ready to fight.

The Batman

Bruce Wayne

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