Avengers Age of Ultron: Actually not that bad…

Avengers was super revolutionary, it being the first major successful superhero team up movie. Infinity War was complex and dark. And Avengers Endgame was the most satisfying film series ENDING EVER.

And Avengers Age of Ultron is…

Well, ok but Avengers Age of Ultron WAS…

I mean, Age of Ultron just…


It’s the forgotten middle child. The and the hype was high for the movie but guess what?

The movie was kinda mid.

And honestly, at this point it’s either just ignored or completely hated on.

But where it go wrong?

Same director and cast as the last movie.

And the concept of Ultron, being an all controlling AI robot, was really cool.

Especially at the time, because in 2015, we were seeing the rise of technology.

Now everyone above the age of 10 has a phone, and everyone’s casually using social media apps.

But back in 2015, it was mostly older teenagers being introduced to apps like this, and there was still a lot of confusion around phones and technology in general.

Siri and Alexa were new things, and nobody knew how to Zoom call.

Back when Ultron first appeared in comics, it was 1968.

Technology was basically NON EXISTENT.

There was no WiFi, and people had no understanding of the POWER of a computer like Ultron.

Unfortunately, it seems like the makers of the Age of Ultron Movie didn’t have a good understanding either…

Ultron had the potential to be one of the most scary villains in the MCU. He has access to all the files on the Avengers, in a digital age where everything about everyone is on a computer.

But instead we got a villain who got BODIED by the Avengers EVERY TIME THEY FOUGHT.

Well actually, no.
I mean-yes he did get bodied

but that’s not the point.

His invincibility is through his mind, not his body.

A dead man isn’t dead until all of his ideals ceases to live on.

That’s legit Ultron in a nutshell

But this movie isn’t even really about the villain, it’s about the heroes

People always hate on this movie because of the comedy or whatever.

But I think it actually shows you the strength of the characters.

They’ve been through so much, that the idea of their entire world falling apart has to just be laughed off. They CANT think about the stakes or the risks of everything they do.

We also got a deep dive into the fears of all these different villains.

Iron Man’s fears are probably the craziest.

After all the threats he’s witnessed, he’s not scared of a particular villain or thing anymore.

He’s just scared of not having control.

He made the suit of armor to control how his discontinued Stark weapons are being used

He made his iron legions to control the aftermath of his battles.

He even made a big robot to control his OWN TEAMATE

Then you have ULTRON.

He made Ultron to help control major crimes in the world.

But Ultron became the opposite, going against everything he wanted.

Ultron has the power of CONTROL

and it places Iron Man out of control.

Iron Man can’t just beat him up.
Iron Man can’t see where Ultron is

Iron Man CANT EVEN stop his teammates from SPIRALING out of control when Ultron hired Wanda to mess with their minds.

He made the very thing he feared.

But the best part isn’t the main characters. It’s the side characters.

Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow are characters who haven’t gotten major movies in the MCU, so this movie serves as a dive into their characters.

You really see how Banner still doesn’t like being the Hulk, and just wants to live a normal life, but has come to realize the dangers of it.

And his one chance at living a normal life, the one girl who can actually take his craziness, MANIPULATES HIM, throwing him off a cliff!

And after the battle, Banner’s so upset, he doesn’t even feel any reason to fight The Hulk or attempt to come back, so he just let The Hulk stay, and flies away.

In this movie, you actually get a look into Black Widow’s dark past, and the things she was put through as a child.

But this movie made EVERYONE a Hawkeye fan.

Hawkeye spent years learning archery, to get to the point where he can never miss. And as a member of the Avengers, he’s had to work even harder to catch up with gods and super soldiers, monsters, and mechanized genuises.

And when you see him with his family, his wife makes one of the most shocking realizations of the movie.

Hawkeye has always been worried about being a worthwhile addition to the Avengers, even joking about it in the final battle. But his wife says that she’s not worried that the Avengers may not need him, she’s worried that they DO need him.

Because despite all the power on the Avengers, missing a guy with a bow and arrow is dangerous for the Avengers. Because together they can defeat any opponent, but apart they are not as strong.

You might here this and be like: “bruh, ok, so what?”

But think about it, that’s the WHOLE POINT of Captain America and Infinity War.

“Divided we Fall”

But it’s being set up with Hawkeye in age of Eltron, which shows level of attention to detail in this movies.

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