“Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” Review

Phase 4 has ended, and starting off Phase 5 is Ant Man 3. Am I the only who’s noticed how these titles are constantly getting longer? Went from “Ant Man” to “Ant Man AND THE WASP” and now it’s “Ant Man AND WASP: QUANTAMANIA”. So is the next movie gonna be

“Ant Man and the Wasp and Their Daughter: Return to the quantum realm”

No? Is there even gonna be another ant man? I mean, it’s a legitimate question, the first one tried to sell a dark concept as comedy, and only thing I remember from the second movie is Luis. And the third one is… meh.

Very meh.

But can we talk about Luis(Michael Peña)?

Every scene that this man is in is pure comedy. His storytelling is super funny, and is the only reason I remember any of the plot/subplot elements of any of the first two films. AND THEN THEY JUST TOOK HIM OUT OF THIS MOVIE. I’m sorry. What? HUH?

They took the best character in ant man OUT OF ANT MAN?

Oh yeah-this is supposed to be a review.

So, I had somewhat high expectations for this movie, as it’s kicking off the new marvel phase, and is supposed to set up one of marvel’s biggest villains and serve as his origin/introductory movie.

But that’s the problem! It isn’t his movie. Most of his backstory is just told, or referenced, we don’t even see his planet until the end credit scene. We don’t even really get to see how powerful he is, because again, ITS ONLY TOLD. Having the power of TIME should realistically make you one of the STRONGEST villains ever, think of Dr Strange with the time stone, but with no limitations! He was already strong enough with limited power over the time stone. We rarely see any flashback scenes or examples of this time power being SCARY. So when you get the end credit scene where you see all the Kangs, it kinda just feels like “whatever” because you don’t know how powerful one kang can be.

The movie really focuses on Cassie Lang and Janet Van Dyne, which for Cassie, makes sense, because I’m pretty sure she’s gonna be in the young Avengers. But why Janet? She’s not the Wasp, and she’s not even really Cassie’s mentor at any point of the movie, so I don’t see it being a good long term decision that was thought out. What was the point of making this movie about Janet if she’s not a main character, not gonna really matter later, and if MOST IMPORTANTLY, takes up screen time that could be used for Kang.

I think that maybe they’re planning on killing her off and want to make her important in this movie so Cassie can lose something to make her start a true hero arc, like Aunt May and Spider-Man.

And that would make sense…

if they actually depicted any type of strong relationship between Cassie and Janet. I cant recall any point in the movie where Janet and Cassie have a meaningful interaction.

The main relationship that was developed in this movie was Scott and Cassie’s relationship. I think Marvel’s trying to ease into passing the torch of ant man for a young avengers movie.

The father-daughter relationship between Paul and Cassie was good. I think the movie did a good job of not making Cassie the cliché “annoying ungrateful teenage girl”.

But, as always, Paul Rudd comedy carried.


‘Nuff said!

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